Digital Art

audrey’s works in digital illustration

Repeatable pattern (2: Bunny Breakfast)

Repeatable pattern (1: Bunny Tea)

Design for a Magic: The Gathering card

character sheet

sprout girl + bubblegum boy

self portrait

sprout girl

a picnic

cottagecore cats

dark academia aesthetic

indie aesthetic

light academia aesthetic

keylime pie girl

a greeting card design

concept art for my internship at Airstrafe Interactive

IB: Rosie the Riveter

Repeatable pattern (3: Bunny Lunch)

Design for a Magic: The Gathering card

fanart of BTS

fanart of the Mandalorian

concept art for a book character

bubblegum boy

classy aesthetic

art hoe-esque aesthetic

cottagecore-esque aesthetic

baddie aesthetic

adventurecore aesthetic